The Goal of Life

The goal of human life is to reach the shore of immortality, using the human body as the boat. By this boat one has to cross the ocean of life and death and become immortal. This can be achieved only by the perception of the Self. We cannot easily percieve it, since we are enmeshed in the jungle of matter - the body and mind. To the ignorant person, the body is the self; whereas to the learned, the ego appears to be the self. Needless to say, both are deluded.

The different waves that arise in the citta cover the Self. A slight reflection of the Self is perceived in these waves that cover the Self. These waves are the samskara, the sum total of the impressions of our actions. The real nature of the Self cannot be realized so long as a single wave exists in the lake of the citta. As soon as all the waves subside, the meditator attains nirvikalpa samadhi or Seedless state. The Seedless state is attained when actions no longer form impressions in the subconscious and therefore, cease to bind men. In this state, all veils are lifted and the Self is perceived shining in Its own glory. Then we will know that the Self is not a compound. It is the eternally existing ground of being. As such, It cannot be born, nor can it die. It is immortal and indestructible, the everlasting essence of intelligence.

Life on this earth is characterized by incessant change. The Bhagavad-gita refers to the world as full of unhappiness, the abode of miseries and transient. The sages of yore declared from direct experience that `Truth is one´ and the goal of human life is the realization of this Truth. The Mahabharata declares the contact with this universe is as temporary as the contact of a log of wood with a flowing river. Therefore, the message of the ancient sages to humanity is "Ye children of immortality, know thyself as the Infinite. Become the All. That is the Supreme Blessing."

Life is precious, yet short. The time of death is uncertain. Self-exertion means purusayata, which can lead us to the highest goal. The kingdom of peace is beyond speech, beyond thought. It is a positive state of spiritual attainment. It is our center, our ideal and goal. It is the perfect awareness of the Self. The goal of life is the attainment of Self-realization. The feeling of saturation and eternal satisfaction can only be obtained by the realization of the Self. Life on this earth, in this body, is merely a preparation, a step towards the higher life. Life is divine worship. We live because God exists; we exist in God´s being; we breathe and move in Him. Once a person understands the significance of this spiritual truth and makes the essence of this realization the part and parcel of his daily awareness, he becomes God on earth.

Moksa or liberation, is the summum bonum of life. It is the fulfillment of life´s purpose. The bondage of life and death on this earth, as well as on other planets, no longer exists for him who has attained moksa. The real object of life is the realization of this freedom. Realization of the identity of the individual Soul with that of Universal Soul is liberation. By annihilating the individual ego, we reach true universality. We attain life eternal, a fuller life.

Each person is the master of his own destiny. He can do anything and everything. Prarabdha karma is under his control. By utilizing his free will, he can attain the highest realization. In fact, there is nothing under the sun for him to accomplish. He has incapacitated himself, because he has forgotten the power of his real Self.

The goal of life for all beings is happyness, peace, satisfaction, security, knowledge and immortality. This desire for perfection springs from the Self, the image of God within us...

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